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Seminar: Fascia. Osteopathic approach to the diagnostics and treatment. Part 1

Когда : С 26-11-15 по 29-11-15 

Где : Kyiv

Преподаватель : Серж Паолетти (Serge Paoletti) 

In response to many requests, from the 26 th till 29 th of November 2015 in Kiev will take place a seminar conducted by the Doctor of osteopathy, international teacher, author of many professional books Mr. Serge Paoletti (France).

Seminar will be filled with the workout of the practical skills of the work with the fascial tissue, and also a part of it will be devoted to the theory, in order to capture all the subtleties of the correlation with fascia.

Seminar is designed for osteopaths, manual therapists, physical therapists and for the specialists who deal with physical health of a person.

Practically every osteopathic technique correlates with the fascial tissue. Whatever technique you choose you will go through the fascia.
With the fascia always begins the defense of the body practically by all injuries and traumas of the body.
The purpose of this course is to demonstrate the role of the fascia, the principles of the work with it and techniques. With the help of embryological, anatomical, physiological and biological approach we will discover various options of the treatment related to fascia. We will discuss the latest research on fascia which will allow us to improve our therapeutic possibilities. Especially regarding the correlation between fascia and the energy system of the body. Finally, due to the latest research in the intentional and quantum medicine we can see a first rational read of electromagnetism, biodynamic therapy.

Serge Paoletti is a doctor of osteopathy, a member of the register of the osteopaths of France, an instructor of the international level in the schools of France, Austria, Germany, Italy, Ukraine and Russia. He is a member of French Academy of Osteopathy, director of the osteopathic clinic in France. He has a vast experience of the work with pregnant women and babies, with the sportsmen of the highest level. Recognized maître of the trust osteopathic techniques.

Venue: Kiev, metro station “Levobereznaja”, Street Marii Raskovoj 11, auditorium 305-307.

You can enroll in the seminar, using the following contact data:

Tel: +38 (044) 33-77-503 (for the calls from abroad)

E-mail: info@rehabilitolog.com

Or fill in the form on the bottom of this page.

Send your application now in order to get a guaranteed participation in the seminar.


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